For Sale/Trade

Hola Amigas...Here is a list of stamp sets I would like to sell or trade. Prices DON'T include shipping. I ONLY ship Priority Mail. SOME prices negotiable.

Heard from the Heart (wood) $15.00
A Slice of Life (clear) $5.00
Vintage Labels (clear) $5.00
Tag Alongs (clear) $5.00
Cold Play (wood) $25.00
Contempo Christmas (clear) $10.00
Jolly Old St. Nick (clear) $15.00
Together Forever (wood) $25.00
Sense of Time (wood) $40.00
Its The Thought (wood) $5.00
Darling Dragons (wood) $30.00
Blissful Bride (clear) $10.00
Art Floral (FRA) clear $25.00 ordered the wrong one
Patterned Pines (wood) $5.00
Paper Dolls (wood) $40.00 comes with paper
Lots of Bots (wood ) $10.00
Stylin Snowfold (clear) $20.00
Animal Stories (wood) $5.00
Precious Butterflies (clear) $10.00
Happiness Shared (clear) $10.00
From the Kitchen of (wood) $20.00
Because I Care (clear) $10.00
Kind Thoughts (wood) $10.00
Delightful Decorations (wood) and punch $30.00
Crazy for Cupcakes (wood) $15.00
Fabulous Florets (wood) $20.00
Wedding Sweet (wood) $20.00
Messages for Mom (wood) $20.00
Elements of Style (clear) $20.00
Looks Like Spring (wood) $10.00
Dapper Dad (clear) $20.00
Sincere Salutations (wood) $15.00
Teeny Tiny Wishes (wood) $25.00
Flight of the Butterfly (wood) and Butterfly Punch $30.00
Rue Des Fleur (clear) $15.00
Rustic Rooster (wood)$15.00 SOLD
Sunny Fun (wood) $15.00
Oh, Whale and Clearlit (clear) $30.00
Picture This (clear) $5.00
Picture This (wood) $5.00
Gnome Sweet Gnome (Clear) $20.00
Packed for Birthday (wood) $5.00
Packed for Mom (wood) $5.00
Packed for Dad (wood) $5.00
Tagtastic (clear) $10.00
Little Trucks (wood) $40.00
Season of Hugs (wood) $15.00
Beary Best Friends (wood) $10.00
Beary Nice Wishes (wood) $10.00
Beary Best Times (wood) $10.00
Sweet Centers (wood) $10.00
By Land (wood) $20.00
Print Pattern BG $5.00
Happy Greetings (wood) $10.00
Warm Words (wood) $10.00
Congrats (wood) $5.00
Matchbox Messages (wood) $15.00
It All Adds Up (wood) $5.00
Cute & Cuddly (wood) $15.00
Baby Firsts (wood) $10.00
Do the Hula (wood) $40.00
Cuddles & Tickles $10.00
Linen BG (wood) $10.00
It's a Date (wood) $5.00
Over the Hill (wood) $15.00
Candy Conversations (wood) $5.00
Paisley Prints (wood) $5.00
Soft Swirls BG (wood) $5.00
Hello Blossoms (wood) $5.00
Be My Valentine (wood) $5.00
Introducing (wood) $5.00
Ornate Blossom (wood) $5.00
Lucky Shamrock (wood) $5.00
Sweet Little Sentiments (wood) $5.00
Flowers in Silhouette (wood) $5.00
Groovy (wood) $40.00
A Little Bit of Magic (clear) $5.00
Dots & Daisies BG (wood) $5.00
Valentine Defined (clear) $15.00
Right at Home (wood) $15.00
Fast & Fabulous (clear) $15.00
A Flower for All Seasons (wood) $5.00
Serene Snowflakes (wood) $15.00
A Good Egg (wood) $15.00
Four the Holidays (wood) $10.00
Party Punch (wood) $5.00
All Mixed Up (wood) $15.00
Whimsical Words (wood) $10.00
Game Night (wood) $10.00
Bella Toile BG (wood) $10.00
Botanical Blooms (wood) $5.00
Delight In Life (wood) $5.00
Monogram Sweet (wood) $25.00
Yummy (wood) $10.00
Tree Trimmings (wood) $10.00
Snowflake Punch $15.00 SOLD

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