Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mi Familia

Hola Amigas...I am so sorry I haven't posted in 6 days...YIKES! I have never gone that long. Well I have been SUPER busy...Finishing my best friends wedding invite. We met last night at paneras to finalize them. I will show those to you soon. Along with many other projects. The pictures I am sharing with you today are a monthly get together we just started with my mom, sisters and our significant others and of course are kiddies. The first picture is my sister Clarissa and her fiance Cano (nickname) and my FIL. My MIL was in Puerto Rico at the time so we invited him over to eat. In the second picture my mom put Cano to work...He is smashing plaintains to help her make mofongo...The next is my hubby with Joaquin, Solimar, Clarissa and Cano and Cano's son Andrew. The next is my mom and Clarissa and the last is my Abuela (grandmom) and Solimar...Notice I am not in the pictures...The next gathering is on the 22nd and I will have pictures of my daddy...YEAH! Well I have quite a few posts today but right now I have to go feed the little ones..


Susan Timmerman said...

Your family is just beautiful TC! Everyone looks SO happy! Thanks for sharing!

Mary R. said...

what a family great and they all love each other it looks so great that you all work together and love togetherI love seeing this Iam 55 and all our kids 2 girls has there own family and they jobs they dont have tiome for the parents ,they never think if it wasnt for US parents where would they be to day ,, Now I see why you named yoiur blog A touch of Sol.thank you for sharing with us
it made my day and made me cry....

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