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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art All Night by Solimar and Aramis

So here they are...The first picture is the one my husband submitted. He spray painted on canvas...Can you tell who the three are in his art. The next pic is of a man Solimar asked to see her art thru the 3-D glasses...She waited about 20 minutes as people just walked pass her artwork she was so sad...and she would not leave until someone saw it so she went up to this guy and said "Can you look at my picture?" He was so NICE and so was his wife...They really made her feel SPECIAL. The next photo is her standing PROUD with her artwork. When you where the glasses the Red and Yellow in the picture POP UP...She drew it with 3-D chalk...its really cool...


Jenna Cotton said...

She is too cute and please tell her I think her pictures are wonderful!! Your husbands painting is really cool, I wish I had a talent like that! I can hardly draw a stick person!

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