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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I RECEIVED a Blog Award

I received this award from my FRIEND Loretta This award comes with stipulations that I tell you ten things about myself and pass it on to seven other people.

1. I am married to my first boyfriend and love.
2. Solimar and Joaquin are truly GIFTS from God.
3. I love reading Murder Mysteries.
4. I ALWAYS have my toes painted.
5. I LOVE Stampin' UP!
6. After 2 years I am still looking to start an SU! club (too bad Loretta is far)
7. I MISS being a Kindergarten teacher.
8. I love chocolate and DD coffee
9. I make ALL FOOD from scratch.
10. I teach Sign Language to hearing babies/children.

Now for my seven nominees:
Jenna Cotton
Kelly Mayou
Sharon Clarke
Susan Timmerman
Lorita Edwards
Nicole Anderson
Heidi Michel


Kelly said...

Ok, you asked for it! Thanks for the award. It will be on my blog later today!

Jenna Cotton said...

An award!!!! Yay!!! Thank you! Do I post it the same way like you did?

I'm envious!!! You make all food from scratch....I make all food from freezer : ( Any awesome recipes that your kids love..I have the pickiest eaters ever and would love to start cooking but every time I try they boycott it!! lol

Susan Timmerman said...

You are an amazing woman TC! Some of those things about you surprised teach sign were a make everything you cook from scratch!?!?! I gotta get this up on my blog too? OK!

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