Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Royal Blog Tour is almost here... I am going to feature the set Quinceañera from Celebrando Creatividad. A Quinceañera is a girl who is celebrating her Sweet 15. This is the custom for all of us Latinos/Hispanics. This is a coming-of-age celebration for young latinas. This celebration starts with a mass and has many traditions/rituals that are followed. For example. the quinceañera wears flats all day until it is time for her father to remove them and replace them with heels. Another may be the first time for her to wear make-up. This celebrations is like a mini wedding. We choose 7 girls and 7 boys to be in our court. They have changed over the years. I have recently attended a couple and now they have become theme oriented. Recently, I attended a fifties theme and a Phantom of the Opera theme. I am looking forward to planning my daughter's in 11 years...YIKES! I should start now....


Susan Timmerman said...

How cool! That sounds like a really wonderful celebration! Thanks for all the info on it! I can hardly wait to see your creations!

Kate Cecil said...

Pray that time passes s l o w l y. My youngest is 9 and I don't want my "baby" to celebrate any rites of passage. 8o] I can't wait to see your samples on the tour.

Natalie S. Meyer said...

I love this set and can't wait to see what you have made.

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