Saturday, March 13, 2010

Solimar's 5th Bird-day

Hola Amigas...These are pictures from Solimar's Bird-day Party. The children had a BLAST. We had Solimar's party at an Art Studio. The teacher Beth Daly was phenomenal. They each made a bird's nest, three robin's eggs and a robin out of clay. They were then taken outside to a nearb park to gather some moss. Beth was very informative. She taught them about birds, eggs and more before they started the project. All of Solimar's classmates were there except for 3 and of course all of our family. 1st pick is showing them making the actual nest. AND yes Solimar's hair is colored. It was spray painted to match her DIVA outfit. 2nd pic is of her with her flower crown that her Papi bought her. My hubby is such a sucker for Solimar. The sun necklace she is wearing was made by Beth for Solimar. It was really nice of her to do that...3rd pic was 1 of MANY highlights for Solimar. She got her very own American Girl Doll. She has been wanting one for quite some time. My mother and I went half and bought her the doll and TONS of outfits and accessories. We purchased Lanie, the Girl of the Year. 4th pic is my nephew Aramis showing off his bird. He did an AMAZING job. and last is Solimar and her cookie cake. She wanted something different and children and parents GOBBLED it up. There was nothing LEFT! I will show more pics soon!


Martha Lucia Gomez said...

Que Belleza!!! Se ve que disfrutaron mucho de esta celebracion. Solimar esta preciosa y preparate porque vas a tener que comprarle la tienda entera a la muneca. Un abrazo!!!
Martha Lucia

lisa808 said...

Happy Birthday Solimar!

Looks like the party was a big hit with the kids.

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