Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthday Fairies!

These beautiful cards were sent by Birthday Fairies. My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 32. YIKES! Aren't they beautiful! Too bad I can' have a drink with Winobella. I am still nursing Joaquin. So drinks with her will have to wait until have September. I am currently working on a Tri Fold Shutter Card. Today Solimar and her classmates had something special for all the moms. We recieved flowers, poems and another sheet about what they like about us and what makes us special. They also sang a few songs. It was really cute! Hope you are having a GREAT day!


Jenna Cotton said...

happy almost birthday!! Nice Cards!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday GIRL!! I love Bella stamps, too, I just wish I had some place close at which to purchase them! Super cute cards!!

My daughter's 6th birthday is tomorrow and my oldest son will be 19 on Mother's Day!

Have a super day!!

Kelly said...

And here I thought you were kidding when you said it was your birthday. Hope it's great!!!!

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