Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Birthday Fairies!

Here are more beautiful cards I recieved today...Love the saying on the Rose Red one. It says "Sunshine in the heart not only warms thine own, but all that comes in contact with it" The butterfly one is from none other than my Blogging Stars Sister, Susan. I love butterflies...My dads pet name for me is Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish).


Nicole said...

AW! I wish I had realized you had a birthday coming up! I need to get on top of my game, huh??

Hope you slept in today!

Jenna Cotton said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISOL!!!! I hope your day is wonderful!!! I love all of your birthday fairies!!

Susan Timmerman said... got some really nice cards Marisol! Who knew that your Dad called you Mariposa? Course, I didn't know Mariposa meant butterfly anyway! LOL Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Kate Cecil said...

You are lucky to count so many friends. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!!

Debbie said...

Happy birthday Marisol! You got lots of really nice cards. Hope your day was fabulous.

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