Thursday, March 10, 2011

City GIRL!

Hola Amigas! Solimar and Joaquin had a BLAST in the city. Solimar had no clue that she was going to the American Girl Store.We walked and talked about the possibilites...Joaquin and I ran to the store and waited for her to notice it...She noticed a HUGE poster of Kanani, 2011 Girl of the Year. She was so EXCITED!Look at her face. She brought her Lanie, 2010 Girl of the Year. Lanie got her ears pierced and her hair done. She also got a new wardrobe. Solimar also picked up a bag to carry her in and clothes for her... Of course before we entered my hubby gave her a limit that FLIES out the window the minute she says, "Please Daddy". HE MELTS! "Mama, Soli done?" My poor baby.
We told him when Solimar is done he can buy whatver he wants in Toys R US! PRICELESS!

We had lunch at Havana Central, YUMMY! As you know both my children have food allergies so no dessert for them. Our waiter Jesse was so NICE and accomodating. He was really careful with their orders and filled a HUGE coctail glass with fresh fruit and a candle and brought everyone to sing to Solimar. She had no clue. When she realized it was for her she was so embarrassed.
and here we are in Toys R US! This place is HUGE! I think it's 4 or 5 floors. There was a woman waiting in line to get on the Ferris Wheel and she didnt want to wait anymore so she gave us her tickets...THEY LOVED IT! Joaquin also bought two big trucks. He was a HAPPY CAMPER!
What a LONG day! and we aren't even done YET! We then went to our counsin's house and they had a DELICIOUS dinner for us!
This is our Titi Ruth.
Playing with Tio Quack Quack
Titi Liz cleaning up after dinner.
Our cousin Liz bought Solimar a cake from Whole Foods...YUMMY! and ice cream too!


lisa808 said...

What a fun and memorable family day. tfs

n1sunrider said...

What a lovely family you have. Did titi make penir? : )

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