Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hola Amigas. We have a great Blog Hop today. If you are on my blog you just came from Martha's Blog. What did you think of her projects using Holiday Lineup. Cute, huh? Well today I will be sharing 3 projects. My first is a Snowman Kit ornament. I got this idea from buying Solimar and Joaquin a kit last year. It is really cute. It came with a book and a scarf, a carrot, charcoal buttons and a top hat. What do you think? I put inside everything you would need to make a snowman and of course some snow...I made 24 different one using retired DSP and ribbon. These will be sold at my upcoming Craft Fair. My next is a card I made using Holiday Lineup.
My last project is a Bingo Card set. I made 24 of these for Solimar's classmates. I used the Jolly Bingo Bits and Bingo Card found in the Holiday Mini. Call me to order yours today!
Now off to Maria's Blog. Have Fun!


Rosemarrie Gonzalez said...

This is a very cute idea...but I am not able to see your other two projects...

Rosemarrie Gonzalez

Jackie L Watson said...

What a cute idea, lots of luck at your craft show.

lisa808 said...

Cute snowman kit! I wish you lots of sales at the craft fair.

p.s. there is only a picture of one project.

Patrice H said...

What a really cute idea Marisol. Thanks for the hot tip I just might have to make one of those.

Veronica said...

What a cute and clever project! TFS.

Martha Lucia Gomez said...

Thank you Marisol for sharing with us. Hugs, Martha Lucia Gomez

Denise Foor said...

Great craft fair idea....very fun!!!

sharon said...

Too funny and too cute! Just add snow. Love it. No snow in my area but it still gives me a giggle when I look at it.

Sharon L

Pat said...

This is too cute!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

How cute are these? Perfect for Florida winters. thanks for sharing, Marisol, I love this idea.


Tory said...

What a cute and fun ornament, Marisol.

StamperShirley said...

Cute idea ... would make great little gift toppers! Did you forget to post the other projects or didn't you mean to do that this time? Thanx for sharing.

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