Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joaquin's 1st Birthday

And here is how it progressively got MESSIER...But he LOVED it. It was a small get together. Perfect in every way. Our cousins and aunt from NY couldnt make it and a couple more close friends but he was surrounded with lots of LOVE. Joaquin has had a ROUGH year. He was born with a collapsed lung so he was in the NICU for a week when he was born. When we finally got to bring him home he wasnt eating or gaining weight and they were going to put him back in the hospital. We begged them not to and even though I was nursing him (and still am) we had to give them a protein formula until his weight went up...He banged his front tooth pretty bad and now we have to see a dentist every couple of months to see if he damaged his permanent tooth. He had a pneumonia and bronchitis and now he was tested for food allergies and YES like Solimar he has them...So now I carry epi pens for him as well. Today he had 5 vials of blood taken to do more food allergy testing...More poor baby it is such a HEARTACHE to see him going thru this and very STRESSFUL! Joaquin, my baby boy, Mama loves you!


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