Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Museum of Natural History in Philadelphia

YEAH its my birthday...He woke up on Monday in good spirits. And as you can see after the museum he was EXHAUSTED. It was really FUN! Every year since Solimar was one we would take her to the Camden Aquarium and now we will do the same tradition with Joaquin except that he will go to the Camden Aquarium with the exception of this year because we already went in March. Joaquin touched a real snake. He took pics with exhibits although he wasn't happy with that. He was SCARED of all of them. I guess it was their SIZE and their REAL LIFE look with the exception of the snake and the live Butterfly Garden. The butterfly garden was his favorite...He was in a daze just seeing so many fly around him. Solimar's favorite part was the DINOSAURS...They were HUGE! It was good day! My hubby and I even got to eat a Pat's Cheesesteak which we haven't had for about 5 years.


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