Monday, September 14, 2009

New Hope

We have cousins Liz and Dean who come down to visit often...They are Solimar's earth parents. Sort of like god parents but more spiritual. The ceremony was held in Puerto Rico about 2 years ago in the ocean...It was amazing...I have to find the pics to show you...well anyways ever since Solimar was born they have had this amazing bond to her and her to them its beyond words. Well here we are eating in New Hope. Well actually the first pic and last picture was a restaurant we went to and as you know Solimar has sever allergies. So we told the waiter that we need to find out if they use peanut oil and such...Well this DUD of a girl put in our order and then says yeah they use peanut oil and everything is cooked together and we can just give your daughter a burger patty...How about...I DONT THINK SO! So we told her to cancel our order as we told her that the order was only to be made AFTER she spoke to the chef and it was SAFE for Solimar. So we left and went to our usual Mexican spot that know us and of course Solimar loves it as she gets to eat whatever she wants and everything is safe...The second picuture is most of us at the restaurant..


Susan Timmerman said...

I would have done the same thing at the restaurant TC! What goobers! And, I do hope you find the pics of the "earth parents" ceremony! That sounds very interesting!

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